Writing Memoirs

My grandmother, Nana Mary, passed away a few years ago at the ripe old age of 93. She had an incredibly interesting and hard life. When WW2 broke out, she had to evacuate her camp home on a gold field at Tennant Creek, taking with her one suitcase and 3 children under 6. Her husband, Snowy, went straight to Darwin, the Japanese had just bombed the city. Nana Mary and her children were put onto a train and taken to South Australia. They stayed with a relative for a short time and then continued onto Sydney. She arrived in a huge city with 3 little kids and no suitcase (it was stolen along the way).

This is all I know from this incredibly interesting story. I am kicking myself that I didn’t write her story before her passing. Don’t do this with your relatives. A family tree gives you a skeletal knowledge of the family structure, but not the history, not the stories!

Or even better still, write your own memoirs for your future family members. We can help you to do this. You can publish your memoirs on a document and have it bound, on a CD or as an ebook or a paperback. We will format your book for you and upload it to an incredible site called amazon.com where your relatives can buy a copy from amazon at a very reasonable price. No, you don’t have to print off hundreds of copies! They can buy a single copy of your memoir book.

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Some beautiful and very helpful books to read if you are interested in writing your Memoirs…