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Online Kindle and Createspace Course

If you need assistance with publishing your book on Kindle or Createspace…visit the tab at the top of the page called Online Course.
We have created an Amazon self-publishing course due to overwhelming demand and we are sure that it will make the step-by-step publishing process very easy for you.

This course is very comprehensive and includes easy to follow videos that demonstrate all the steps involved in self-publishing on Amazon.

For full details of the entire course contents, please click on the Online Course tab.

$100 One-Time Payment, Life-Time access with updates.  Available Now! Click on the Buy Now link below and an email with all your log in details will be sent to you within 24 hours.


Payoneer is the Best Way to be paid by Amazon

If you are a non USA citizen and you don’t have a USA bank account…being paid by Amazon can be a very slow process. You’ll receive a foreign cheque that will take around two months to reach you and then you’ll have to pay high bank fees to deposit or cash your Amazon payments.

Our first cheque was for a little over $100 USD and we paid around $35 in bank fees. We knew there had to be a better way. Payoneer has made our payment process smooth and effortless. We are paid by Amazon and all we have to do is use our debit card at any ATM and withdraw cash. The daily limit for withdrawals is $2000. There are some small fees, but we are talking about a few dollars…so much cheaper than trying to cash USA cheques.

We haven’t had any problems with Payoneer, everything has worked perfectly. And the good news is that you can now set up Payoneer with your Australian Bank Account, allowing you to transfer funds from your Payoneer Acc to your Aussie Acc. I’ve just completed setting ours up and I’ve written a blog article with screenshots to help you. You can’t do this until you have your Payoneer card, so set that up first.

Once you have your first $100 deposited into your account, Payoneer will reward you by depositing $25 into your account. This was a lovely surprise for us.

Click on this link and check out Payoneer.



This is a great resource for fiction writers. It helps you to plan your novel or story thoroughly so that writing it becomes a much easier process.  They have PC and Mac versions.

Check it out. Click on this link:

Marshall Writing Software



Supporting Course for Amazon Authors

We have taken a number of courses on being a successful Amazon Author, some were good and some were terrible. Geoff Shaw’s Kindling Program is by far the most comprehensive course on the subject of publishing on Amazon and it was the cheapest! He has made a lot of money writing books and publishing on Amazon…he knows what he is talking about. Many of his students have retired from their jobs and are earning their living by writing and publishing on Amazon.

We highly recommend this course if you plan to publish a number of books and you’d like to make a passive income from them.

Click on this link to buy Geoff’s program. There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you don’t like the course, but we know that you will – it is incredible and he is constantly updating and adding new information.


We love these books, they make our descriptions come alive…