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How To Publish Your Book – Online Kindle and Createspace Course for Aussies


Welcome to our site! Obviously you have heard how great it is to publish your book on Amazon, either through a friend or perhaps you have attended one of our seminars.

Our online course includes a very comprehensive list of videos that include all the step-by-step information you will need to publish on Amazon. You will be able to access the videos at any time and stop and start them in order to follow our simple and easy to understand instructions. This course is going to make your kindle and createspace journey so much easier.

In this course our videos cover:

  • How Amazon Works
  • Marketing Your Book
  • Problems to Avoid
  • How to Format a Fiction Book
  • How to Format a Non-Fiction Book including a clickable TOC (Table of Contents)
  • Making a Cover using Picmonkey (a free photo editing program) – 8 Videos
  • How to Set Up Your KDP Account
  • How to Set Up Your Tax and submit your details to Amazon
  • How to Open a Payoneer Account and Add Your Bank Account Details to KDP
  • How to Add a Book to the Bookshelf
  • How to Price Your Book
  • How to Create a Free Promotion – to improve the ranking of your book and encourage sales
  • How to Create a Countdown Deal – to further improve the ranking of your book and increase sales
  • How to check on Sales with the Sales Reports
  • An example of an Author Video to market yourself
  • How to Edit Your Published Fiction Book and Re-Upload it
  • How to Edit Your Published Non-Fiction Book and Re-Upload it
  • Adding Clickable Links to Your Review Page
  • Adding Clickable Links to Other Books You have Written
  • How to Create a Createspace Book (paperback)
  • How to Create a Createspace Cover
  • We also include a kindle template for you to type directly onto so that your text is instantly formatted.

We had no intention of creating an online course when we started teaching authors about how to publish on Amazon. However, we have had a number of enquiries about the possibility of putting a course together to assist people with their journey to becoming self-published and our comprehensive online course has evolved.

This is an email from one of our “Published Authors” who used the online course:


I’m Jean Follington from the Brisbane seminar, I have my first book up on Amazon as an ebook and a paperback. It is called “How to Take Your Kids To Disneyland Even If You Are Broke”


Many thanks to you and Katrina. Your course of videos was wonderful, I played some of them many times till I got everything right. They really gave me the confidence to get my book up on Amazon. I think I would have given up many times, as it all seemed too hard and confusing, if it was not for those videos.

You can purchase this course for $100 and have life-time access. We ask that you don’t share your link, username and password. All the videos are on the site, so you don’t have to download them and waste your computer space. The cost of this course is separate from the How To Publish Seminars. If money is tight, you may choose to buy this course rather than attend a seminar, it really depends upon how you like to learn.

When you click on the Paypal Secure Buy Now Button, we’ll send you an email within 24 hours with your login details. Please write them down so you don’t forget them.

We will keep updating this course as Amazon evolves.

Thank you for your business.

Katrina Kahler and Karen Campbell