1. Do I have to own a kindle to read an ebook from amazon?
No you can read a kindle book on just about any device – computer, smartphone, iPad, ebook readers etc – with some devices you just need to download a free kindle app first.

2. Is it easy to organise my tax?
Yes, you just have to fill out two forms and phone the USA. They will take you through the process. There are filled out examples on the page – Recommended Resources. This is an easy process…why pay 30% tax to the USA when you can easily pay just 5%.

3. Do I need to market my ebook?
If you want to make a decent amount of sales, then you need to market your book. However, 90% of the marketing is setting up your book correctly, using keywords, categories and a good description.

4. Can you guarantee that my book will sell well?

No we can’t, but we can get your book out there. If your book is well written, solves a problem or provides entertainment, then you have a good chance of making sales. But we can’t guarantee this.

5. How long will it take to make a cover for my book and format it?
Depending on your computer skills, it can take as little as 2 days. If this is entirely new to you…then just take your time and follow the videos step by step.

6. Will you edit my book?
This isn’t a service we provide. Editing a book properly can cost hundreds of dollars. The very least you need to do is use the Spelling and Grammar tool on Word…go to Tools at the top. Extra spaces look terrible on a kindle book (only use one space after a full stop). We also suggest using American spelling, but that is your choice.

7. How do I choose a cover picture?
We use dreamstime.com and depositphotos.com for our photos. If you are writing a book that you only want to put on kindle as an ebook (and this is where the majority of your money will come from) you can use wpclipart.com (royalty free graphics and pictures).

8. Is the description important?
Your description is vital if you want to make decent sales. Try to use your keywords in your description, but make sure it grabs the potential customer’s attention and interest.

9. If I have further questions, how can I find out the answers?
You will find many of the answers to your questions on Amazon’s website. Youtube is another wonderful way to find out how to do different kindle tasks.