Don’t Waste Your Look Inside Feature

Amazon allows potential customers to view 10 percent of your book. Use this as an opportunity to demonstrate your skill and show off your writing style and book. Don’t put boring front matter in this section!

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Marketing 101

Do all of these things well and you have 90 percent of your marketing covered.

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Amazon is Everywhere!

Did you know that Amazon has shops in all of these countries?
They also have a Chinese Amazon store, however we can’t directly upload to China.
Amazon is the biggest and most successful publishing company in the world.
No longer can the Traditional Publishing Companies control who gets their books out to the world.
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Have you read Bella Forrest?

Check out Bella’s books on Amazon. She is making over a million dollars a year in ebook sales on her Vampire Series…Shades of Vampire.

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Following Your Passion

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The Beginning and End


Something To Ponder


How to Promote Your ebook

The first thing you need to do when your book goes live…is get some reviews! You can’t review your own book, Amazon will reject it and you’ll receive an email. But your friends and family can definitely buy and review your book. If you can get them to do it on the same day, your ranking will rise quickly. Two or three days in a row would be fantastic.

Don’t be tempted to make another account. Under the TOC you can only have one.

When we work on people’s books we can’t leave a review. Amazon’s computers pick up that our computers have been involved in the publication of the book. Believe me, we have tried. 

When you have some reviews, try to get at least 5. Then schedule some free days (if it isn’t already permafree – first book in a series) and advertise on free ebook sites and FB sites. Google these on your computer.

Good luck and be aggressive in your campaign to get out book out there.

Writing a Series = More Money

book_blueThrough our trial and error we have discovered that the best way to make money selling ebooks online is by writing a series or a serial.

We make the first book permafree (it is always free). You can do this by publishing this book onto Draft2Digital or Smashwords/Google Play. (The formatting is easier on Draft2Digital.) Then set the price on Free. When your book appears on amazon, inform them that it is free on other platforms by sending them an email and clicking on the “Have you seen this book at a cheaper price” button on the book’s sale page. Make sure you send them the links to the free book.

This book will be on all ebook platforms, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Scribd etc.

Then promote the free book. Share it on Free ebook sites or FB pages.

Make sure you have a picture of your second book in the series at the end of the first story. Tell people to get the book. Also make sure book 1 is an excellent read.

We make 90% of our money from Amazon, so we always put books 2, 3, 4…. in Amazon KDP Select. This means that the following books in the series are not on all platforms – only Amazon. If you tick the KDP Select program and you put your book somewhere else, Amazon’s robot bots will find out and you will be banned from Amazon. Don’t do it!

With books 2, 3, 4…you can put a live link at the end of the book to the following books in the series. Customers can click on that link and go straight to your sales page and buy the book from Amazon.

Translated Books

German Diary of an almost cool girl GERMAN COVERWe are in the process of having our books translated into different languages…French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Afrikaans, Italian, Romanian, Chinese and Arabic. Combined with the English versions, we have very close to 200 books available for sale.

The ebook markets in most of these countries is at the beginning acceptance stage, unlike the UK and USA. We are hoping that being on the “ground floor” as these markets take off will benefit us greatly.

Before Christmas, we plan to put out a course on how to get your books translated for free.